Billie A. Gould

Genomics Post-doctoral Research Associate
Michigan State University
Department of Plant Biology

Billie GouldWelcome to my web page! I am a research scientist in the field of genomics and bioinformatics and I am excited about using the latest genomic techniques to understand the molecular ecology of plants. At Michigan State University I am working on several genomic research projects focused on understanding how genetic change allows plants to adapt to new environments, including QTL mapping in switchgrass, population genomics of desert grass Panicum hallii, and RNA-seq in monkeyflower. In my PhD work at Cornell University, I used quantitative genetic approaches to study the influence of local adaptation on the formation of geographic range boundaries in the california wildflower Clarkia xantiana. I also used transcriptomics and high-throughput genotyping to understand rapid adaptation to soil acidification and aluminum toxicity in wild sweet vernal grass (Anthoxanthum odoratum) at the historic Park Grass Experiment (Harpenden, UK) and in the species introduced US range. As a postdoc I have also used whole genome sequencing to study genetic convergence in the evolution of adaptive flowering time clines in Arabidopsis thaliana (University of Toronto). I am currently working on the genomics of regulatory evolution and local adaptation in the yellow monkeyflower.  I have been a long-time mentor for students in the lab and have taught multiple courses in Evolution, Ecology, and Computational Biology. I am passionate about giving students the modern skills and experience they need for successful careers in biology.